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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

Hi everyone!! I wanted to hop on & share a few things with you!? I am trying to get my Xmas completed, lol, almost finished. Christmas is at my house, so yikes! LOL! It will be great actually! I have about 15 bows lefdt of the 92 I had to make these apst few weeks! I have been burning a little (alot) of midnight oil as the kids have had several activities this week. But, I am on the home stretch so yeah!!!
The most important factor the past week has been snow!!!!!!! It has snowed EVERY DAY for the past week, dumping 3 FEET in 1 night! What does 3 ft. in one light look like? is the pic out of my back door, the patio is sunken with steps to the house, and the umbrella is on the patio, so can you believe the snow almost reaches the umbrella, lol!

It has not stopped snowing since. The next 7 days has a snow forecast too, so yeeks! I have pretty much been home bound. Thank goodness for snowblowers, but the plows just can't keep up. I am planning to grab a few last minute gifts for some of Hal's associates today and the prime rib & goodies for xmas dinner. But, the bulk of the baking will have to be for new years, I will get these bows finished by xmas if it kills me, lol, so I can relax the rest of the time.

We are taking the kids to Disney in January as part of their xmas present, so I will take a few days off after xmas & then look for some yummy Valentine's pretties to be listed before we leave! :0)

As an added bonus, one of my sweet customers, sent me pics of her Evie Lou Who strutting her stuff in her KGD's! I LOVE her isn't she precious! I just had to share!

Ok, I am off to work for a few minutes before I run to the grocery store IN THE SNOW, lol! Have a very Merry Christmas! I truly appreciate you all!

Love, Tab

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