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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Haliee Girl is officially a TEENAGER!

Ok, so on all my updating I am just going to leave it as is, instead of backdating to show myself I am a loser and am blogging about my daughter turning 13...3 1/2 months late! LOSER!

Happy 13th Birthday Haliee Breanne Hunter

My baby girl turned the big 1-3 April 20. *SNIFF* She is a mess this girl! Silly, Ornery, Loud Music, Dancing, Makeovers, 13 Wardrobe Changes a day, Starbucks & Jamba Juice, Junk Food Junkie, a little Sassy...but also Super Sweet, Mature beyond her years, babysitting queen, super responsible, great in school, a leader and great friend to all.

Haliee we are so very proud of you. You are growing into such an amazing young lady and are so much more perfect than even I could have imagined. These years have flown by and are certainly bittersweet. I miss my sweet little 3 year old with perfect curly locks who plays princess characters for hours but love every minute of this silly teenager you have become. From goofy dances, to power points to bribe me into midweek sleepovers, I wouldn't trade a minute. Thanks for being such a perfect little girl! I LOVE YOU BOBO REILLY! I am so very thankful to be your Momma!

Birthdays are a big deal around here. We spoil these babies probably more than we should but guess what...I only have a limited time to do this before they are making their own way in life, so too bad! :) I also always believed I'd be a Mommy to 4 and since that didn't work out, these guys will just get double the snuggles! This year was extra special as she became a teenager!

She started off with 13 gifts!! We ended up doing this the night before as Hal had to open & he wouldn't get to see her open them all. {Would you believe she was ok with it!?!}

The next morning she was all dolled up in her birthday best, ready to paint the school red! :) She received 13 pink roses at School from her Daddy & she was elated! She had a Softball Game that evening so of course Momma had to whip up something special for the team! She played against Heather & Kayla came to cheer her on! {I wonder how many more of these times I have left? HUGE *sniff*}

After the game, Ola, Papa Ken, Jeni, The Grimmetts, & Kayla came over for a quick little party. We had Pizza and Haliee's "Main Man" Cody Simpson Cake {Actually 2 cakes (shhh I know it's excessive) because Drew insisted on giving her her very own Cody Simpson Cake}. He also got her roses, he was so sweet wanting to make her feel extra special on her birthday! He couldn't have Daddy 1up him! I hope they stay this close forever!!! He kept begging me to get her more! Her main present from us was a trip for her & 3 besties to have a girls weekend of pampering! A night at the Davenport and Makeovers/Pedis! She was a little excited! Remember Drew got her tickets to Cody Simpson as his gift! :) What a lucky little girl! Erin got her tons of makeup and nail goodies as well as a giftcard (spoiled) and the Cogswells got her a few little trinkets and some cashola for our trip to Seattle for the concert! Kayla stayed up all night making her this HUGE Card. It is so neat with little memories of fun moments, goofy sayings, etc. These girls are so fun with their HUGE card obsession! It's hanging on her wall!

Here are 13 things I LOVE about my sweet princess!

  1. She has incredible Integrity

  2. She is always smiling

  3. She is so close with her brother

  4. She is beautiful inside and out

  5. She drives me crazy changing stations and plugging in her ipod in the car

  6. If she is sassy within a few minutes that little 3 year old baby girl comes back to apologise to me for having attitude

  7. She loves to dance and act silly

  8. She loves babies

  9. She will help anyone in need and is nice to everyone

  10. She is always grateful

  11. She is so very smart, responsible, & wise beyond her years

  12. She loves to work the scoreboard & snack shack at her Brothers Games

  13. She loves fashion but is always appropriate

Here is the annual birthday questionnaire! The questions are always the same, but it is so fun to see how different the answers are from year to year in their own words! Haliee wanted to be a tree when she grew up at 2! :) LOVE IT!

  • What is your favorite color?: PINK

  • What is your favorite food?: KETCHUP

  • What is your favorite song?: IYYIYI by Cody Simpson

  • What is your favorite band or singer?: Cody Simpson

  • What is your favorite TV Show or Movie?: The Ellen Degeneres Show

  • What is your favorite Hobby?: Playing Softball

  • Who is your BFF?: Kayla, Heather, & Ally

  • Who do you want to marry?: Cody Simpson

  • What is your biggest accomplishment this year?: Making Honor Roll again

  • Who do you most admire or look up to?: My Parents

  • What do you want to be when you grow up?: A Culinary Artist

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haliee said...

i love you tabitha! -k-dogg
Momm, Every year you make me shed uno or dose tears... not tres cuz that would b one too many!!! thanks for being a gr8 mom! LUV U MAAAAAA!!!! -Haliee