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Friday, April 8, 2011

Can you guess why I'm MIA....

Yep, this is why...well 1/2 the reason. Haliee had her 1st game Wednesday as well against Heather, SUPER FUN!! (Haliee hit off her too yay!), I'll have to shoot pics at the next one as Drew has practice at the same time as her game tonight...despite it still being FREEEZZING...I am so excited to be sitting out there watching all these babes again! Matter of fact yesterday Haliee's practice was cancelled so it was our 1 free day this weeek, and what do we do??? We all load up and go watch Kayla's 1st game, lol! {Great pitchin' Kayla my love <3 }

And...hmmm...more mystery pics...ever wonder what your kids are doing when you are out??

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Jill said...

you are the best mom! teach me!