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Monday, November 5, 2012

All-Star Campout

What a super fun weekend this was! Haliee and Heather begged the boys (and Ellie Girl) to make a rendition of Call Me Maybe! Hilarious! Then my tech savvy daughter created this little movie clip! She definitely gets her passion for technology from Daddy! It is super cool! She ended up re- timing all their vocals and slowing down their movements, etc. Isn't it neat!? I hope this after party is a tradition! What awesome memories we made!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Weekend Getaway: Silver Mountain Resort 2012

Hal surprised us with a little getaway to Silver Mountain Resort. Kellogg is only about an hour away so super fun without the travel!! We had a super cute condo!

Girls Making sure we had plenty of snacks!! Wonder where they get that from?
They had these huge souvenir cups you could purchase and I swear they had a 1/2 gallon of ice cream in each one!! Hal insisted they could have their own so they could each take a cup home. We won't talk about the cost but let's just say Daddy is COOLER than Mommy! Holy tummy ache and happy memories!

Surfing was hilarious! After watching 20 grown men biff it, they opted to boogie board! :) The videos are cute!
Anxiously waiting in line! Thinking he could master it 1st try ;)

Roof Top Hot Tubin' (The only time I will approve of this haha)
Day 2: Let's get shaved ice today Daddy! Don't worry Mom we get the "sucker who bought the souvenir cup" discount!

Leapin' Lily Pads! Pretty sure they weren't supposed to run across but it is fun we tried it with the kids at The Great Wolf Lodge earlier this year! Competition was fierce...

Of course we need to seal the deal for a Dental Bill on our way out! We have the bestest Daddy!

I LOVE this tall-boy! Thanks Honey for being such an amazing Dad and working tirelessly to ensure your kiddos have a magical childhood! We love you so much! are pretty cute too ;0)

St. Patty's Day 2012

Haliee took pics for me as I was getting dinner on the table! Super fun! We had corned beef and cabbage! The milkshakes were mint chocolate chip not quite sure why they look pink in the pics! The kids LOVED the scratchers pretty sure you shouldn't make scratchers and addict your kids to gambling so early but they loved them! :)

Breakfast Pit anyone?

Nothing like screaming at the top of your lungs before 9am aye yi yi!

Haliee and her doctor's appointment! :)

This is ALOT of effort just to grab a coffee before your doctor's appointment dontcha think? Not quite sure why Heather was in the equation!! These signs were from my computer in the office all the way to the kitchen...LOL! LOVE HER!

Valentine's Day 2012

Okay...February posts in November...right on schedule! :) Just wanted to document a few photos I snapped so we have them forever!
This was on my coffee pot when I woke up :) LOVE him!

 Hal telling me not to take his picture :) XO Pasketti